Laramide Geoservices, LLC
Well-Site Geological Services
Laramide Geoservices LLC Provides Well-Site Geologic and GeoSteering Services to the San Juan Basin, Permian Basin and the Southern Rocky Mountain Region.
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PO Box 20658
, New Mexico 87154
Mudlogging Services
Geosteering Services
Well-Site Geologists
2-man, 24 hour units
Utilizes the latest in logging technology
Combined Geosteering Service
Twice Daily Reports, Customized Logs
On-site Geosteering (Recommend)
Proprietary Geosteering Software
All Geosteers are Degreed Geologists
Real-time Supervision
Casing Point Picks
Core-Point Picks
Sample Collection and Description
Geologic Know How for Superior Geosteering and Mudlogging
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