Laramide Geoservices, LLC was started in 2005 by Peter Falk to service the mudlogging needs of clients drilling in the San Juan Basin. Few people have been working as long as Peter in the San Juan Basin and he and his company have been involved in more Mancos Horizontal Wells than any other company period!

With experience in every oil and gas producing formation in the San Juan Basin, Laramide got its start drilling some of the first horizontal Fruitland wells in the san Juan basin in 2005. Laramide has gone on to expand its services, north and south, on horizontal surface logging and geosteering horizontal wells in the Piceance basins in Colorado and the Delaware basin in Texas.

Continually striving to improve our services, Peter and his employees look to technology, software, experience, and education to learn how to better serve our clients. Laramide’s goal is to help our clients discover faster, more accurate, and more cost-effective methods to drilling horizontally and staying on target.