Laramide Geosteering

Laramide provides continuous on-site Geosteering services. We believe there is a great advantage to having geosteerers present on location working side by side with their fellow well-site geologists. This allows real time incorporation of all data including rock samples, gas readings, and drilling parameters into our interpretation. In addition, it also supports clear and timely communication with directional drillers.

In the San Juan Basin alone, Laramide has successfully geosteered over 100 Mancos horizontal wells in the southern oil bearing (Lybrook / Chaco) area, central region of the basin (NEBU / Rosa Units), and the far western areas of the basin. Furthermore, Laramide has also successfully geosteered dozens of Fruitland Coal wells and Piceance Basin Coal wells. In addition, our geosteering experience includes successfully navigating the multi-stacked plays (Bone Spring and Wolfcamp) found in the prominent Delaware Basin of West Texas.

Our geosteering philosophy is to combine on-site proximity, powerful geosteering software like HMG Navigator or StarSteer, drilling parameters, rock and gas samples, and knowledge of the local geology to come up with the best interpretation. Simply put, we use anything and everything to stay in zone!

Laramide Off-site Geosteering

First and foremost, Laramide Offsite geosteering is not geosteering from home! Laramide has an office in Colorado and another office in Albuquerque that allows two geologists, working 12 hours shifts to remotely geosteerer your well using data they collect through the EDR and or sent through emails and the internet. This allows the client company to save money while still having dedicated professionals working full time on keeping your well on track and in target without disruptions.