Laramide Logging

Laramide’s greatest strengths are derived from the knowledge and experience of our geologists, whose desire to work in the field provides a natural energy and excitement directed towards every drilling program. The minimum educational requirement to work at Laramide is a four-year bachelor of science degree in geology or earth sciences. All Laramide field personnel have strong academic records and have completed a rigorous training regimen. We combine the high quality of our people with Laramide’s four-fundamental facets of quality geologic surface logging:

  1. Detailed Knowledge of the local geology
  2. The instruments and tools of the mudlogging trade
  3. Communication/Collaboration with our clients and other well-site venders
  4. Attention to Detail and diligent work ethic.

Knowledge of the Local Geology

Knowledge of the local geology is essential in Mudlogging and Geosteering operations. Prior to the start of any drilling project we study all data provided by client, as well as supplement this data with any pertinent academic literature that may be available. This thorough pre-spud review ensures our well-site geologists are prepared for any questions that may arise before drilling even commences that can be addressed properly and correctly. Are we in a faulted area? What is the local stratigraphy/historic hydrocarbon bearing formations? Is proposed landing point accurate? These are all questions we make sure we know the answers to before even stepping on location. Our well-site geologists are more than technicians collecting and presenting data; we are thinking scientists!

Instruments / Tools

At Laramide we embrace the newest technology! For most standard mudlogging we employ Terra Surface Logging Systems (SLS) instruments. These instruments are reliable, economical, and very accurate. An excellent choice for most gas detection needs. However, there are times when more detailed analysis of the formation gas is needed. In these cases, our field geologists are trained in the use of the FIT DQ1000 Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer, an instrument capable of analyzing all hydrocarbon components and numerous organic and inorganic compounds.

More importantly, our field geologists are well-trained in the use and operations of all our instruments. Redundancy and replication is how we maintain the high quality of our logging services. Our trailers are outfitted with the same instruments and tools. From microscopes (Meiji EMZ Zoom stereo microscopes) to software, printers to traps we have streamlined our logging methodology to collecting and analyzing samples and data. We have backups of all critical tools, for example every trailer is equipped with two ready-to-go traps so if one goes down or breaks we can be up and running with a new trap in minutes We pride ourselves on never missing data because of an instrument or tool malfunction. Things happen on a drilling rig and we are ready for every eventuality so that you our clients receive accurate up to the minute high-quality data. Our efficient operations allow Laramide to offer the highest quality services at competitive rates.


Drilling an oil or gas well is a complicated business with many moving parts. Our services are just one part of the many found on a drilling operation. We take great pride in doing our part. Amongst the many responsibilities a well-site geologist has, communicating clearly, concisely, and in a timely manner is one of the most important. Full collaboration with colleagues out on location is essential to drilling a successful well. It is our opinion that it takes a complete team effort to achieve the desired results. This is especially important when difficult drilling is encountered, or problems arise. We work closely with directional drillers, geosteerers, engineers, well-site supervisors and other off-site geologists to keep operations running smoothly. And we take the time to explain the data we are observing and conclusions we have reached.

Attention to Detail

“Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well” - Philip Stanhope 4th Earl of Chesterfield (and Laramide Motto).

From sample descriptions to annotating our custom logs, we take pride in our work. Attention to detail is our mantra. No shortcuts, no abbreviations, no cutting corners, and most importantly pride in our service!